The Penrose Institute for the Study of Consciousness, Creativity, and the Physics of the Universe investigates the interplay between quantum physics and general relativity.


To understand the human mind, the cosmos and the laws of physics that govern them, and to spread the wonder of science and mathematics, inspired by the work of Sir Roger Penrose.


The Institute will investigate across a broad range of interrelated scientific domains, uncover paradoxes in our current understanding of physics and propose new ideas that can be experimentally tested, the results of such tests to be taken seriously in the future development of our thinking.


To build a multi-disciplinary international team with a center in San Diego to experimentally test Roger’s ideas.



  • Identify paradoxes and failings in our current theories.
  • Consider both the physical world and the conscious minds which observe it.
  • Be creative, novel and challenge the status quo.
  • Follow a rigorous and detailed scientific method with falsifiable theories proven by repeatable experiments.
  • Be unfashionable, brave and controversial without being discourteous.
  • Test ideas with experiments and practical applications.
  • If a principle needs to be changed, explain why and change it!
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