In the tradition of Loren Cole, Inquiring Systems Inc. is continuing to work with local and national organizations to increase understanding of living ecosystems and the creation of regenerative futures. The October fires here in Sonoma County have brought regeneration to our doorstep.

Beginning Sunday night, October 8, 2017 over 112,000 acres were destroyed by wildfires raging through Sonoma County – caused in part by years of misunderstanding land management and neglect of the wild lands surrounding us. As Sonoma County slowly emerges from the traumatic experience, important conversations are taking place.

How do we move forward in the wisest way?

Join us in this regenerative design conversation for Sonoma County! Many voices and groups are gathering – working together to solve the problem. ISI is offering a new resource page, Regenerative Sonoma County, for people wanting to help rebuild Sonoma County in a regenerative way. We invite you to become a part of our Regenerative community and share with us your events, thoughts, and plans (#WeAreNature / #RegenerativeSonoma). Please like and share this Facebook Page – Regenerative Sonoma County

If you have any connections or partnership opportunities that you’d like to discuss, please connect with us on our Facebook page or call 707-939-3900. Donations accepted via check (send to ISI: 101 Brookwood Ave. Ste #204, Santa Rosa CA 95404) or PayPal. In the memo, please note RSC.

This short film ‘Reflection: A California Fire Story’ by Emmett Brennan recounts the story of Sonoma County on Oct. 8. It is an exploration of our relationship to the land and how we might better remember our role as stewards to prevent such catastrophic burns in the future.

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