The Friends of the International Permaculture Convergence (FIPC) nonprofit is an organization working in conjunction with the International Permaculture Convergence Coordinating Committee to support the conveners of the individual International Permaculture Convergence (IPC) event held around the globe every two years.

FIPC’s specific mission is to augment the funds needed for convening the bi-annual IPC event, with a special focus on scholarship funding for delegates traveling from all parts of the world to attend. Ongoing support for the IPC website with its valuable archives is also a part of the FIPC mission.

Please consider participating in upcoming events and make a donation to FIPC!

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International Permaculture Convergences are the international gatherings for the global permaculture network where new developments are presented, discussed, taken in and implemented by international agreements.  For the permaculture community, the International Permaculture Convergences are hugely important with projects and actual working design solutions developed and shared for the smallest villages to the largest cities.

Permaculture is an ethics based design methodology for creating sustainable systems and settlements. It was initially developed in Australia by ecologist Bill Mollison and his then student David Holmgren. Today there are projects of every size in almost every corner of the world.

Traditionally International Permaculture Convergences take place every two years and switch between continents & hemispheres. Past host sites have been Australia, USA, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Nepal, Croatia, Brazil, Africa, Jordan, Cuba, and the United Kingdom. India in 2017 will be followed by Argentina in 2020.

IPC 1, 1984 Australia                                                            IPC 8, 2007 Brazil

IPC 2, 1986 USA                                                                    IPC 9, 2009 Malawi Africa

IPC 3, 1989 New Zealand                                                    IPC 10, 2011 Jordan/Middle East

IPC 4, 1991 Nepal                                                                  IPC 11, 2013 Cuba

IPC 5, 1993 Sweden & Denmark                                        IPC 13, 2017 India

IPC 6, 1996 Western Australia                                           IPC 12, 2015 United Kingdom

IPC 7, 2005 Slovenia & Croatia

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Please consider making a donation to Friends of IPC!

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