The Appalachian Institute for Renewable Energy (AIRE) is a non-profit organization that aims to help community groups develop and own affordable, renewable energy systems. AIRE has designed an innovative finance model that utilizes tax credits and other financial incentives in order to raise the capital needed to install community-financed renewable energy systems. These groups may include congregations of faith, neighborhood associations, nonprofits, local governments and schools. Benefits from our approach include:

  • more renewable energy, which helps support energy independence and a cleaner environment;
  • renewable energy systems at little or no cost for community-based organizations, and;
  • the potential for a modest return on investment for investors who want to help support a beneficial project.

AIRE’s goal all along has been to become a self-sustaining organization, by serving as a wayfinder and consultant for those wanting to pioneer community-based renewable energy. Our plan was to move beyond charity and, instead, operate as a mission-driven social enterprise using project developer fees as a sustaining revenue source. We have fulfilled that commitment by relying on fees, thrift, and to a great extent, our volunteerism and sacrifice.

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