We’re Coming Back Better


“100 Precious Things for 100 Priceless People”

We Are Coming Back Better‘s mission is to hold music and entertainment concerts primary in Sonoma/ Napa Counties) to raise funds to provide lost items to survivors of the Sonoma/ Napa 2017 wildfires.

The 2017 wildfires destroyed over 7,000 homes and businesses in Sonoma and Napa Counties, leaving over 10,000 people totally devastated, and the unfathomable loss of 42 souls.

Most people lost everything – irreplaceable family pictures, videos, artwork, family heirlooms – most things that are gone forever. But, a few of those precious things might be found again, perhaps not exactly, but close enough to restore some of the lost memories.

“We’re Coming Back Better!” (WCBB) concert series is an attempt to ease some of these special losses wherever possible, by finding some of the things the survivors miss most that are tied to their memories of who they are and were, where they come from, and where their families belong. WCBB is about our community reaching out to locate something dear to us – a small but significant patch for our hearts!

Regaining a personal treasure will never offset the hardship of the devastation, but it will offer a bit of semblance to lives that have changed forever.



Please consider making a donation to WCBB by check. You can make checks payable to ISI with WCBB included in the memo and send checks to ISI:

101 Brookwood Ave.
Ste #204
Santa Rosa, CA 95404


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