Village Builders Convergence – Sebastopol

Sebastopol street art

The Village Builders Convergence (VBC) is a grassroots, volunteer-driven effort. We are a gang of crazy do-gooders who thought bringing the VBC down from Portland to Sebastopol was a good idea. This has been a labor of love since we all started, and we appreciate everyone’s support, patience and most of all participation!

Our organizational governance structure includes a Core Team and the following working groups: events, fundraising & finance, placemaking, and publicity & communications.

What is Placemaking?

Placemaking is a multi-layered process within which citizens foster active, engaged relationships to the spaces which they inhabit, the landscapes of their lives, and shape those spaces in a way which inspires communal stewardship and lived connection. This is frequently accomplished through a creative reclamation of public space: projects which take the form of benches on street corners where neighbors can sit, gather, kiosks on sidewalks where neighbors can post information about local events, needs and resources, and street paintings (Intersection Repair) in the public right-of-way that demonstrate to all who pass through that this is a Place: (inhabited, known and loved by its residents). In all instances, these projects are undertaken by local communities who come together to discuss what it is they want in their neighborhood what elements are lacking in the public sphere and how the community can work together with the resources they have to further develop their own communities



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You can make checks payable to ISI with “VBC” included in the memo and send checks to ISI:

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