The Yogini Project



The Yogini Project is a multimedia platform to connect and inspire a global community of women practitioners and laypeople alike, with the aim of directly supporting the greater emergence of realized women in our time, through both revealing the many faces of their presence amongst us and financially supporting selected women dedicated to sustained spiritual practice.

We have sought blessings and advice from multiple precious authentic teachers and sources of refuge for guidance in alignment with our ecumenical aims and the dynamic range of what we are featuring through our media projects.

In this light, for the benefit of all daughter beings, The Yogini Project comes to fruition to provide positive role models of truly empowered women.

Projects include:

  • Dakini As Art Galleries, focusing on art with dakini as focus, or by practicing female artists inspired by the dakini; launched November 20, 2014
  • Subtitling and DVD production of 7 translations of the film Blessings: The Tsoknyi Nangchen Nuns of TibetĚ
  • Ongoing video interview series with prominent female Buddhist teachers and inspiring practitioners in India and Nepal
  • Preparations for their film Women on the Path revealing the full spectrum of women in dedicated Buddhist practice around the globe.

More on these projects and comprehensive features on the whole range of the feminine in Dharma may be seen at their in-depth multimedia website.



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