Terma Project

Peace Sign


To create a space to inspire and empower the public through the potency of regenerative, sculptural art to catalyze the influence of collective intention to create a more just, sustainable and peaceful world.



To create a transformative, healing space in areas that have experienced trauma, in the form of a sculptural Crystal Peace Dome. The dome will be constructed of individual sacred crystal vessels designed to echo the concept of Ancient Tibetan Terma. Each Terma will open and reseal to contain the handwritten intentions of Wisdom Leaders and Teachers from the global community for the objective of nurturing the human spirit and inspiring the power of mass intention to make a lasting contribution to peace and healing of our world.? The intentions of each world leader will be spoken aloud in their own voice in an overlapping sound track as their Terma lights up, creating a fluid river of poetry and light overhead, enveloping the public in a womblike experience of hope, meditation, and inspiration.



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