Sweet Generation – RISE

Sweet Generation Rise

Reach. Inspire. Shape. Elevate

Sweet Generation RISE is an internship program for at-risk teens and young adults. Through customer service, entrepreneurship, and baking curricula, we provide job training and inspire growth to young people in our community.

The Owner of Sweet Generation Bakery, Amy Chasen, gives at-risk kids hands-on experience in the workforce. Her program empowers youths and instills self-confidence by equipping them with skills including how to bake, customer service, interview know-how, how to balance a budget and small business management.

Mission & Core Values

  • Reach: We assist at-risk youth reach their goals in school, jobs, and beyond.
  • Inspire: Through entrepreneurship and professional workshops from leaders in the community, we hope to inspire youth to be the best they can be.
  • Shape: We provide tools–like food handling certification, resume development, and career counseling–so that our Interns may shape their goals and their future.
  • Elevate: Through thoughtful and attentive first job training, we create a platform for Interns to elevate themselves in the job market and the professional world.


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