Society for the ReCognition of Art


In-depth conversations with artists about art, both online and in print

Richard Whitaker and his wife, Rue Harrison started the non-profit Society for the ReCognition of Art. They wanted to provide a place for something they found missing in the art world. Through in-depth interviews, they feature the voices of artists who talk freely about the transformative experience of making art. Their most visible activity is the publication of a print magazine, works & conversations. They first published works & conversations 16 years ago. Their magazine includes interviews, portfolios, profiles and other features in an ad-free environment. In recent years, they have expanded coverage to include interviews with remarkable individuals doing creative work of all kinds.

works & conversations art magazine

works & conversations No 27

Major subscribers include:

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Harvard University
  • Art Institute of Chicago
  • RISD
  • Stanford University
  • The Kandinsky Library at Centre Pompidou in Paris
  • and many others.

works & conversations

        Featuring 76 pages of rich content. Published twice a year.

        The website has over 400 features, and recently has seen a sharp increase in traffic.

        Currently close to a million hits a month.