Restore the Springs

Water is Life


To create a regenerative relationship with water and all living beings that supports whole system health and wellbeing.

We seek to restore the springs and full water cycle of Morton’s Warm Springs and the Sonoma Creek watershed, in service of a regenerative global water cycle on this planet.
To Restore the Springs here at Morton’s Warm Springs means to restore the full, optimal, warm, healthy and chemical-free water cycle of the springs on this land.

More specifically, it means to improve:

  • How the artesian springs come up to us from our geothermal aquifer;
  • How its waters are used in our pools and services;
  • How can our public visitors experience the springs in their original, warm (even hot??) and chemical-free purity;
  • How may the water then can be reused responsibly after leaving the pools and our drains; and finally,
  • How is the water spread and sunk back into the earth to replenish the precious aquifer below.


Please consider making a donation to Restore the Springs!
You can make checks payable to ISI with “Restore the Springs ” included in the memo and send checks to ISI:

101 Brookwood Ave. Ste #204
Santa Rosa, CA 95404


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