REDLine Human Performance Project (RHP)


The vision behind the REDLine Human Performance Project (RHP) is simple: provide developing athletes merit-based access to advanced training technologies & methodologies consistent with a mission to support character-focused athletic training in an environment featuring state-of-the-art technologies and modalities rarely available to the citizen athlete.

The RHP has three main goals:

  1. To provide support for emerging elite through world class (Olympic/professional) athletes,
  2. To create merit-based and need-based programs and environments that foster character-focused athletic excellence
  3. To be a primary educational resource of training, injury prevention and recovery techniques that promote life-long athletic participation at a high level: the citizen-athlete.

The challenge facing many athletes, especially young women, is multi-faceted. Quality training is expensive and most simply don’t have access. Additionally, athletes are being pushed beyond their physiologic limitations in order to ‘keep up’ with arbitrary developmental trajectories often resulting in injuries or poor choices (performance-enhancing drugs, etc.). We believe that better training and more effective preventative measures can equally benefit those just training to stay active (the joy of participation) and the emerging elite athlete alike.

A key outcome goal will be to restore how training is perceived in the developmental process of our athletes. The drive to specialization and focus on continual skill development (practice) and competition has pushed the training element to the side and we believe this is partially responsible for the rapid emergence of performance-related injuries (especially non-contact).

‘Be Remarkable’, our mantra, is the summation of the ideology that drives us. It means to achieve a level of excellence worth acknowledgment and enrich others, tangibly and intangibly,
along the way. It’s in accepting the challenge, regardless of perceived cost of this integrity, to be Salt and Light that we are bound together.

Pamela Campbell

Pam Campbell joined ISI in the summer of 2013, and became ISI Project Director in January 2014. Pam’s previous career was in healthcare administration. Her life-long interest in sustainability and environmental issues led her to ISI. Pam shares her UC Berkeley Alma Mater with Dr. Cole, and holds a Masters degree in Public Administration, University of San Francisco.