One Toy At A Time

Toys for children in Nicaragua

The One Toy At A Time team in Nicaragua 2015

IMG_20151227_111321At One Toy At A Time we work to identify children who are frozen in poverty; and provide them with a toy, tool, or electronic gadget – no strings attached. By recognizing their existence, we transform their lives by stimulating their imaginations, education, and critical thinking skills. We challenge people to identify and implement innovagirl with toytive ways to utilize toys and technology to cancel out the source of suffering and violence in our world. 

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Why provide toys, tools, and electronic gadgets to children? A child’s interaction with toys has critical impacts on their success.  Could a child deprived of a computer become a programmer or a child lacking a musical instrument become a musician?  A simple toy is the most potent tool for stimulating a child’s critical thinking and imagination – toys and electronics are disrupters and play a pivotal role in abating the circle of violence, suffering and extreme ideologies. 

Is it possible to combat terrorism, mass migrations, animal extinction, slavery, violence, corruption, etc. with toys, tools, and electronic gadgets?

IMG_20151227_110544To retain control, terrorists, extremists, and slave masters, etc. strictly forbid toys, tools, and electronic gadgets that trigger critical thinking – on the other hand extreme poverty restricts the access to toys in areas with animal extinctions and deforestations with equally devastating results.  The appropriate toys provides a child with a sense of hope and value bringing about a lasting change in the child’s life – to the extent that poverty and violence decreases and peace and democracy flourish.    

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