Lore Media Collective


Lore Media Collective is an online space providing curated community, publishing oppertunities and transformational leadership oppertunities for creatives of color. We are a healing and resting space for people of color and LGBTQ+IA change makers to intersect, reflect and evolove together.


a collective of creatives working towards the common goal of making the world a better place in the communities we exist in through reclaiming our lore


if you will, join this community. share your lore. learn from others. learn with them. create a movement. create a safe space for leaders of color and other marginalized, silenced people where you exist. we all belong in the spaces we dream of. our plights are intersectional: students, immigrants, professionals, college graduates, less/undocumented, entrepreneurs, visionaries, believers, mobilizers, catalysts – survivors. you deserve to speak your truth.


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