Las Delicias Institute

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Watering the seeds planted in soil, our communities,
art and education.

An institute of education in the field of permaculture and regenerative designs for the purpose of food and water security, starting in Costa Rica.

Las Delicias, Comunidad de semillas is an educational space supporting black and brown communities by reconnecting, remembering and relearning practices lost through the violence of colonization. Our goal is to create networks of solidarity by finding communities already steeped in this work while simultaneously growing autonomous communities tending to the living seeds of education, soil, and art together.

Our project follows a model using intersectional courses based on the following subjects.

  • Food and Water Security
  • Natural Building
  • Up-Cycling and Waste Management
  • Renewable Energy
  • Decolonizing Food and Diet
  • Native Plants and Medicine
  • Birth Work
  • Wilderness Training
  • Structures of Colonization and Resistance
  • Dance, Music and Arts
  • Language


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