Guns and Butter

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Advocating for New Economic/Social Systems

… to better serve the average person

Guns and Butter is a nonprofit with the mission of providing education and information to the general public Рadvocating for changes to our economic/social system in order to better serve the average person.  Guns and Butter researches, records, edits, hosts and distributes one hour weekly pre-produced educational radio program to various radio stations.

We create, update and maintain a website associated with our program. We also attend and record events and conferences that provide subject matter of interest to our cause.

In addition, Guns and Butter:

  • Deals with complex technical issues.
  • Reachs out to listenership.
  • Tables at local events to promote programs.
  • Fundraises for radio stations.
  • Fundraise for the Guns and Butter program itself.
Pamela Campbell

Pam Campbell joined ISI in the summer of 2013, and became ISI Project Director in January 2014. Pam’s previous career was in healthcare administration. Her life-long interest in sustainability and environmental issues led her to ISI. Pam shares her UC Berkeley Alma Mater with Dr. Cole, and holds a Masters degree in Public Administration, University of San Francisco.