Growing Village

Together we are exploring the potential of a global network of local villages as a borderless entity that promotes an alternative culture and practice of governance beyond what we see today. This is not just about growing one village in one place. It is about the network.

Through a network we can help each other build our communities physically. We can meet with and help each other find our fellow village-mates. We can share resources. As ecological crisis continues with the likelihood that our homes and land bases will be impacted, we can house each other and support rebuilding efforts when needed.

On a broader scale, we can model a culture of interbeing that is an alternative to the mainstream Western culture of independence and separation. We can become parts of a greater entity that promotes stewardship of the Earth rather than citizens of bordered nations that govern us in ways most of us no longer buy into and can no longer afford to believe in. This is possible while maintaining our own sovereignty as individuals and local communities, joined by a greater mission to serve Life and to live harmoniously for as long as we have on this precious planet.


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Do you share the dream of village? Are you curious about this experiment?