Endovision seeks to enhance the impact of gastrointestinal endoscopy on quality of life, patient outcomes, and medical costs. It offers educational opportunities, sponsors research to develop new technologies that will improve the outcomes, safety and cost-effectiveness of endoscopy of the gastrointestinal tract. Endovision is driven by the belief that through research and education we can assure improved clinical outcomes, treatment options and a better quality of life.

Endovision offers an alternative physician-driven pathway for device innovation through a non-profit “incubator” model. Importantly, the non-profit model removes all potential conflicts-of-interest inherent to industry and investor-sponsored ventures. The goal is to provide endoscopists around the globe with an easily accessible, practical pathway to incubate “better way” ideas. Endovision is non-biased, which means the value of the idea is defined solely by the potential benefit to the patient. Prototypes are generated by Endovision’s engineers specialized in the gastrointestinal device space and tested in bench-top and animal models to establish “proof-of-concept”. Once established, devices are licensed to industry for commercialization.


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