Creative Entity

Springtime garden scene

Creative Entity is dedicated to creating works of art and communications that enhance the quality of life for all beings. Creative Entity operates as multimedia production company, publisher and producer of content, art and experiences. Our mission is to push the envelope of life using creativity to educate, inspire, and create community. Our area of focus is emerging media relating to art, cultural exchange, education through multimedia or similar engagement. Other projects Creative Entity produces revolve around nature and world culture, and are promoted under the banner of Incredible Places.

Creative Entity projects include films, interactive and photographic exhibits, Internet sites, DVDs, mobile applications, immersive experiences, fine art creation, publishing, and similar ventures.

Creative Entity has a perpetual license for intellectual property created by or owned by Amy Seidman. We have pro bono use of these assets (such as media and URLs) to serve projects at no cost. We are also the recipient of the percentage of profits generated by Creative Entity Productions and Creative Entity Music. Creative Entity Org is also pleased to offer the use of the photography and film licenses to other non-profits at reduced rates, while donating back a portion of the profits as a means to create sustainable income for Creative Entity Org.


Please consider making a donation to Creative Entity!
You can make checks payable to ISI with “Creative Entity ” included in the memo and send checks to ISI:

101 Brookwood Ave. Ste #204
Santa Rosa, CA 95404


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