Commonomics USA educates and advocates for the reclamation of the Commons from predatory capitalism and privatization, and build model law and policies that establish sustainable, economically just systems based in the Commons.

We advocate for economic solutions that grow our commonwealth. We spotlight ways private interests are defunding and privatizing the commons and show how their actions devastate families and diminish communities. With other organizations, we fight privatization and demand that the commons be funded and even expanded to more fully benefit everyone. In short, we build structural change in support of a localized solidarity economy.

In early 2014 the US Postal Service’s Inspector General proposed that post offices offer low-cost financial services, an inspiring idea. We launched BankACT to advocate it. Now we are teaming with other groups to launch a 2015 postal banking campaign while advocating many economic policies in the public interest — policies that will benefit millions of families, create jobs and grow our nation’s common wealth.  Our new name, Commonomics USA, reflects this broadened approach.

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