Food Co-Operative

The Mission of CoFed is to empower communities of students across North America to help them create food co-operatives. These financially sustainable campus hubs for food and social justice activism develop the leaders for a healthy tomorrow. CoFed uses a reproducible, cooperative development model to teach students about food co-operatives. CoFed helps students create a scalable network of independent student-run businesses, and create new leaders in the food sustainability movement. CoFed has a commitment to share skills, resources, and eventually, start-up capital.

CoFed’sĀ goals and objectives are:

  • To train 200 new leaders in the food sustainability movement.
  • To create 35 new financially-viable, student-run coops in regional clusters in North America.
  • To give 1 million college students the choice to actively participate in their food system.

To accomplish these goals they will create:

  1. An evolving best-practices model
  2. A support network
  3. A peer-based training program

The Principles and Values of CoFed that will be useful guidelines for potential project teams include:

Create an ethical food system through community-based, fair, ecologically sound and humane food as defined by the Real Food Guidelines.

Insure broad participation by creating systems to engage all youth, from consumers and career organizers in paths of long-term growth and leadership.

Exemplify the financial power of equitably and ethically pooled resources through operating cooperatively according to the ICA principles.

Implement action plans that sustain and grow themselves, with an attention to inspirational, viral messaging.

Support collaboration by focusing on network driven strategies that utilize all resources and benefit all stakeholders.

Pamela Campbell

Pam Campbell joined ISI in the summer of 2013, and became ISI Project Director in January 2014. Pam’s previous career was in healthcare administration. Her life-long interest in sustainability and environmental issues led her to ISI. Pam shares her UC Berkeley Alma Mater with Dr. Cole, and holds a Masters degree in Public Administration, University of San Francisco.