Cittaslow Sebastopol

Evening at the Laguna

Cittaslow Sebastopol works to keep Sebastopol green, local, friendly and artistic.

Cittaslow Sebastopol preserves our unique town character by collaborating with individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies to create activities and programs:

  • Support locally made products and agriculture
  • Celebrate our local culture and history
  • Welcome visitors and embrace neighbors
  • Integrate technologies for improved well-being
  • Protect the health of the environment
  • Develop community-friendly infrastructure

Cittaslow Sebastopol draws upon resources from its national and international network of “slow cities.”  Together, we work to encourage a balanced, human-paced lifestyle and to maintain a vibrant community that is environmentally, socially, and economically connected, healthy, and resilient.

Sebastopolians pointing to sign
Projects include:
  • The Sebastopol Ped Line: A Park Once and Walk Pilot Project with color-coded, self-guided walks. Stroll from the Plaza to the Laguna, Plaza to Ives Park and Plaza to the Florence Ave Art Walk.
  • The McKinley Street Murals. A community “street painting” event to create a stronger connection between downtown and the Barlow.
  • Home Stay/Farm Stay workshop: Helping area residents learn more about opening a Home Stay or Farm Stay business.
  • Apples in the Schools: Pressing apples cider in elementary schools and presenting lessons on the life cycle of the apple (1-2 grade); Sebastopol’s apple history (3-4 grade); Eating seasonally for a healthy planet (5th grade)

 Home Stay Farm Stay Logo


Please consider making a donation to Cittaslow Sebastopol
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101 Brookwood Ave. Ste #204
Santa Rosa, CA 95404


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