Beyond Organic Design

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Our Vision

To heal the Earth and its inhabitants through sustainability education and ecological design.Beyond Organic Design

Our Mission

Beyond Organic Design is committed to sustainability education, affordable healthy food, a stronger local economy, and service to those who are economically disadvantaged. We serve our community through experiential learning, teaching, events planning, and ecological design.


Beyond OrganicsBeyond Organic Design creates sustainable communities through programming, workshops, and classes. We host and facilitate permaculture teacher trainings, educational workshops, school programs,and curriculum development. BOD wants schools and learning institutions to broaden their concept of green education beyond just gardening. Using whole-systems thinking, BOD creates unique educational opportunities for pre-k children to adults.

Beyond Organic Design


Beyond Organic Design stages large and small events to bring together permaculturists, environmentalists, social justice activists, and sustainability professionals. We create interdisciplinary opportunities for networking that encourage sustainable growth and cutting-edge environmental education. 

Permaculture is a new name for an old way of thinking. Permaculture’s design principles can help meet human needs while also improving the environment. Permaculture can benefit food production, a business model, architecture, engineering, our health—anything in modern life. BOD is strengthening alliances in the sustainability movement and making permaculture accessible to a wider audience.

Pamela Campbell

Pam Campbell joined ISI in the summer of 2013, and became ISI Project Director in January 2014. Pam’s previous career was in healthcare administration. Her life-long interest in sustainability and environmental issues led her to ISI. Pam shares her UC Berkeley Alma Mater with Dr. Cole, and holds a Masters degree in Public Administration, University of San Francisco.