Bay Area Track Club / Run Tam

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The vision behind the Bay Area Track Club was¬†literally ‘born on the run’. In the Fall of 2009, a group of elite athletes and coaches residing in the Bay Area joined forces to create the Bay Area Track Club (BATC).

The BATC has two main goals: To provide support for Olympic athletes and emerging elites, and to promote running and lifelong fitness within the community. The BATC strives to become an epicenter of healthy living in the Bay Area, providing valuable resources to the spectrum of youth and adults pursuing an active lifestyle.

RunTAM is a related business of the Bay Area Track Club, operating in a manner consistent with the BATC nonprofit purpose of “promoting a healthy and fit community”. Tom Kloos and Magdalena Boulet are elite athletes with extensive and successful experience in coaching emerging athletes who are members of the BATC and are now able to extend this exceptional service to other athletes who would like to obtain either private online and/or onsite coaching. ¬†A percentage of the revenue from RunTAM is retained by BATC to support their programs and activities.


Pamela Campbell

Pam Campbell joined ISI in the summer of 2013, and became ISI Project Director in January 2014. Pam’s previous career was in healthcare administration. Her life-long interest in sustainability and environmental issues led her to ISI. Pam shares her UC Berkeley Alma Mater with Dr. Cole, and holds a Masters degree in Public Administration, University of San Francisco.