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This Implementation Guide contains a collection of Inquiring Systems’ articles, instructions, templates, and resources. It has been developed and perfected over the past 38+ years of ISI’s existence. It will assist you in bringing your “good intentions” to fruition – in the most comprehensive way.

Check out the Guide and explore! Check back often, we’re adding stuff all the time and will be providing a ton of information for your use. We also welcome suggestions and ideas from you. Feel free to download articles, and share them. Just please remember — credit where credit is due.

The ‘Inquiring Systems’ approach:

What is the ‘Inquiring Systems’ approach to business decisions? It means asking a lot of questions and staying open to adaptations, changes and ongoing improvements. It also means a full consideration of the potential implications of your decisions and plans before you enact them. If you use a full inquiry approach, your result will include less ‘unintended negative consequences,’ fewer costly mistakes and cleanups and a stronger positive outcome, overall.

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Categories & Resources

The Categories

Fundamentals of Nonprofit Management
The basic information you need to know to start a nonprofit, and to be successful. Find articles about choosing between starting your own 501(c)3, or joining with a fiscal sponsor; the pros and cons of nonprofit vs. for-profit; and the basic plan for writing your mission statement. Plus a lot more.

Business Analysis, Planning & Management
Financial Analysis, Planning & Management
Organizational Planning, Development & Management
Incorporation, Board Development & Management
Fundraising, Grants & Capital Acquisition
Ecosystem Resiliency, Recovery & Viability

The Resources

Basics (Essential Reads)
Support Documents
Applications (Examples/Case Studies)



The Implementation Guide is divided into sections, or ‘Categories’, such as Fundamentals, Organizational Planning, and Fundraising. Scroll down to learn more about the different Themes. Once you get into the Guide you’ll be able to cross reference the Themes with Resources like templates and related articles.

Categories & Resources


The Implementation Guide is also divided into resource types, so you can go straight to the templates, or articles (Basic Essentials) or applications. Scroll down to learn about the different resources. Once you get into the Guide you’ll be able to cross reference, and mix and match Themes with Resources.

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