S. Loren Cole, PhDFounder

S. Loren Cole, PhD


Founder of Inquirings Systems, Inc.

Dr. Cole founded ISI in 1978, to provide ethical and sustainable ecosystem management services to nonprofit organizations, community-based projects, and value-driven for-profit entities. Cole holds the first PhD awarded by UC Berkeley in the field of Ecosystomology.

For over thirty-seven years ISI has provided ethical business consulting services, and development & resilience management services for both nonprofit and for-profit business enterprises.  As a key element of ISI Development & Resilience Services, and ISI’s overall systemic approach to management, Dr. Cole has stepped into the roles of President, CEO, COO, Controller, Business Manager and Director, for 37 organizations and corporations over the years.

Dr. Cole is the founder of the Environmental Program within the Conservation and Resource Studies Program, U.C. Berkeley. Winner of many awards and commendations, Dr. Cole is a keynote speaker & guest on radio and television. He has published numerous articles and papers related to his areas of expertise.

Founding Board Members


Past Chairman Emeritus:


Wes Churchman

C. West Churchman, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, California (deceased)





Past Chairman Emeritus:


Arnold Shultz

Arnold M. Schultz, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Conservation & Resource Studies Program, University of California, Berkeley, CA (deceased)