Inquiring Systems, Inc. (ISI) provides Fiscal Sponsorship services to nonprofit organizations working in the Regenerative and Sustainability realms. ISI also provides Business Management Services and has several ‘in-house’ projects.

Here at ISI, we are dedicated to ‘whole systems’ thinking. We believe everything is interconnected and all actions have impacts and repercussions.  We emphasize the highest levels of ethical business practices, and we help organizations, both nonprofits, and social change organizations make the most of their good ideas.

We are currently the fiscal sponsor and or business manager for over 70 different groups. Since 1978 we have helped over 3700 socially responsible organizations.

ISI provides the 501c3 legal status necessary to accept tax-exempt donations, and we take care of the administrative requirements associated with having 501c3 status. Bringing nearly 40 years of business and organizational experience to the table – we help organizations through all kinds of situations.

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