Remaining Sane & Moving Forward

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On Perspectives for Remaining Sane & Moving Forward in Life

By: S, Loren Cole, Ph.D.


  1. Nothing—is so bad that it cannot be used as a horrible example!


  1. Follow the rule of the Mumbai Golf Club which states; “that you must play the ball from where the monkey drops it”!


  1. Recognize that the only real decision that any human gets to make is to choose the kind of issues/problems worth working on as well as choosing the people that are worthwhile working on them with!


  1. Things do not happen because you want them to happen or that they ought to happen; but, things happen only when you make them happen!


  1. Never let people, whose values you do not respect–tell you how to live your life!
Loren Cole

In addition to founding and leading ISI since 1978, Dr. Cole is an award winning keynote speaker, and author of numerous articles and papers. Among his many accomplishments his favorite includes the creation and development of the first systemic & interdisciplinary Environmental Undergraduate and Doctoral Program in the Conservation & Resource Studies Department at U.C. Berkeley. He also helped co-found the first urban recycling center in the US and the Berkeley Ecology Center.

Loren has also designed and built an active and passive solar home, raised hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients, and educated over 26,000 industry leaders in the area of Ethically Sustainable Ecosystem Management.

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