Comparing Two Routes: Becoming a 501c3 or Fiscal Sponsorship


Starting a Nonprofit and looking into the process to obtain 501c3 status? Did you know that Fiscal Sponsorship is an option that requires significantly less time and resources while providing many of the same benefits? The graph below can assist in considering the route that’s best for your organization.

Comparing FS and 501c3

As a Fiscal Sponsor, Inquiring Systems, Inc. (ISI) provides administrative and regulatory expertise, the corporate shield of protection, along with liability insurance and tax-exempt status.

ISI differs from almost all other nonprofit Fiscal Sponsors in that we promote the retention of responsibility and authority within the projects we sponsor, while we draw accountability up through the system. We believe this offers the best method for preparing new nonprofit projects for long-term viability. That said, ISI is happy to assist with business management services as needed.

We would love to talk with you about your unique situation. Contact us to learn more about fiscal sponsorship opportunities with ISI.

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