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Thank you Melanie Hunt, for recommending¬†Loren so highly on Linked In. ¬†Melonie was a student of Loren’s at University of California, Berkeley. After that, Loren helped Melonie develop business plans, etc. and they have remained in good stead ever since.

About Loren, Melanie says, “Loren has an incredibly extensivMelanie_Hunte and diverse range of experience that ranges from working with individual start-ups to government organizations. His deep intelligence, his unique penchant for understanding whole systems, his ability to work on many levels, and his profound humanity give him the ability to grasp the fundamentals of virtually any situation and offer valuable solutions and new ideas that are easy to grasp and implement. The years that I spent working with Loren have been some of my most productive, and I still use the principles and skills that I acquired through my association with him. He is a dear friend of mine and a friend to everyone he encounters.”

Melanie is the President of A-Z Editorial services, offering proofreading, copyediting, stylistics and re-writes for academic, business and personal documents. A to Z Editing ensures that your documents are well-written, easy to comprehend and error-free. 25 years of professional experience brings you a product of exceptional quality.

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