Beavers are finally receiving their proper recognition - thanks to the tireless efforts of these beaver advocates!

Good News for Beavers!

Beaver and big orange teeth

Beaver AdvocatesLatest News!

On November 19, 2014, Heidi Perryman, the founder of Worth A Dam, was invited onto a National Public Radio show, the Colin McEnroe Show – WNPR News, to discuss ‘Bringing Back the Beaver!” She joined Jim Robbins, author of “The Man Who Planted Trees”, and contributor to the New York Times, and Rachel Poliquin, a freelance writer and curator, and the author of “The Breathless Zoo.”

Here is the show’s lead in: Beavers to the Rescue — Beavers are suddenly the belle of the ball, getting acclaim for their ability to improve habitats, grow plants and reverse the effects of climate change. That hasn’t always been the case and in some places, still isn’t. Traders nearly wiped them out hundreds of years ago, and communities are still killing them to make way for development. We’ll explore the fact and fiction behind our perceptions of the beaver. Really, it’s time we see the beaver as a prince instead of a pest!

You can listen to the whole radio show here:


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